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Our Company is specialized in the sale of motor vehicles both on the Italian and Foreign markets, operating through a Sales Network counting on more than 300 multi-brand resellers. The key element of our offers is the chance of providing cars at prices lower than market standards; this is possible due to our approach, which consists of acquiring vehicle stocks from several European Brands according the their occasional needs. For this reason, our supply cannot be regular. We also are in a position to make purchases based on European mandates got from final customers.
We deal with the most important brands in our market.

Most of the cases, we purchase directly from the Factories and their importers, located in Countries belonging to the European Union, including Italy. With this approach, since the establishment of our Company – 1995 - we sold more than 90.000 motor vehicles, 70% of which on the Italian market, while the remaining 30% exported to other European markets.

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